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Building Business Relationships Through Boating

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Let’s face it, business is personal and the more time you have to interact and develop relationships with customers or clients outside of the daily grind, the better. Spending captive time together on a boat provides an environment of close proximity and conversation; what better opportunity to get to know someone, personally and professionally.

If you apply tried and true relationship building concepts around the element of boating, you will foster friendships that extend beyond the boardroom:

  1. Competency - First and foremost, your customer must respect you professionally, specifically, are you competent, professional and do you follow up? This is a prerequisite, if you don’t check this box you can still build friendships but don’t count on satisfying your business objectives.

  2. Friendship - There must be level of chemistry, the customer needs to like you. Accepting an invitation to go boating, at whatever level, is a good indication that at the very least, they do not mind being around you.

  3. Admiration - We are all being judged whether we like it or not, both professionally and personally. You want your customer to admire and appreciate you as a ‘whole person.’ As the level of admiration increases so do other more objective viewpoints, such as, confidence in our recommendations, trust, open communications and a desire for you to succeed. This level of customer relationship quite often lasts, even after the business relationship runs its course.

Boating is engaging and instills a sense of team or crew; you are on an adventure and will experience what lies ahead, together. There will be sightings, activities, pictures and resulting stories that will commitment the adventure to memory. The boat is an important part of the equation and should meet the objectives of your planning outing. The boat must be comfortable, well appointed and in well maintained condition, ship shape as they say. In Southern California we have the benefits of good weather and coastal options that support varied activities.

  • Harbor cruises are an excellent way to share in conversation, food and drink.

  • Whale watching or dolphin watching provides an exhilarating encounter with nature that will be remembered for ever.

  • Costal cruising or dropping anchor in a pristine cover for lunch or a dip in water adds a level of adventure.

  • A trip over Catalina Island for lunch or even an overnight stay, onboard or ashore, makes for a memorable weekend.

  • Deep sea fishing can be a bonding experience, especially when the fishing is good.

It is important that you select the right boat for your intended number of guests and planned activities. Captain Newport has a fleet of luxury boats, each set up to satisfy specific use objectives, each ready to go on short notice, either bare boat of with an experienced captain.

For business, the element of boating during mid-week offers advantages, including the ability to get away for an afternoon lunch meeting on the water or an evening harbor cruise. There’s no better way to get one-on-one time free from office distractions. Of course, with today’s always connected professionals who can completely get away? You can always turn it into a positive – “just bring your phone and let’s go!”

Get busy and go boating.

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